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About Lucy

Lucy Greenwood is a Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP (iFLG). She has specialised exclusively in the field of family law for approximately 20 years and advises on all aspects of family breakdown.  Prior to joining iFLG Lucy worked in a large City firm.  Most of her work has an international element.  She deals regularly with complicated divorce, jurisdiction and financial cases where action is often needed urgently to seek to secure the best jurisdiction for a client.  Many of her cases involve high net worth individuals and often include consideration of off-shore trusts, companies and their structures, asset tracing, pensions etc . Consequently her work often necessitates advice from lawyers in other jurisdictions and from other professions/disciplines (e.g. accountants, estate specialists, tax planners or property specialists).  Lucy writes for legal journals and she has presented a number of seminar and webinar updates for the legal profession. She has also appeared on TV.  

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Lucy's Articles

EU Case Law: iFLG stands up for Access to Justice

In February 2020, the UK government said it would be leaving EU laws on final departure from the EU on 31 December 2020. But what should be the status of existing case law from the European Court (CJEU)? Specifically, which level of courts should be able to depart from it? [...]
Date: 22 Oct 2020
Jurisdiction: European Union

How will a ‘no-deal Brexit’ affect you? The impact on divorce, financial orders, children & nuptial agreements

The UK leaves the EU at 11 PM on 29 March 2019 (“exit day”). If there is no deal, EU law will no longer apply. Instead we will rely upon national law and international laws. The International Family Law Group LLP provides some guidance about how to prepare for a “No-Deal“[...]
Date: 31 Jan 2019
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
Subjects: BrexitDivorce

How October’s drastic Budget changes to Principal Private Residence Relief (PPR) will impact separating couples

The October 2018 budget has brought with it a significant proposed change to the principal private residence relief (‘PPR’) available to homeowners on the disposal of a property. [...]
Date: 03 Nov 2018

Do the UAE Visa changes really help divorcees?

When I read the news that UAE visa rules for divorcees were changing as from Sunday, 21 October 2018 I was tentatively and cautiously hopeful. With around an estimated 7.5 million expatriates residing in the UAE and divorce rates quite high within those communities this news[...]
Date: 29 Oct 2018
Jurisdiction: United Arab Emirates

Relationship Status and Related Legal Rights

As stated in a recent online article for a national newspaper ‘Statistics show that two thirds of cohabiting couples in England believe that they have automatic rights or the same rights as married couples/couples in a Civil Partnership, simply by virtue of the fact they live[...]
Date: 02 Mar 2018
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

I Can See You

Will the Government’s announcement today about seeking to make the true ownership of properties in the UK more transparent impact on family law?[...]
Date: 28 Jul 2015
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom


I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken to people who believe that upon the breakdown of their own or perhaps even their child’s marriage, the family business or trust is - as of right - excluded from being deemed part of the ‘marital pot’ for distribution by the[...]
Date: 27 Oct 2014
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom