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About Us

What is the IBSA?

The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) is a global community for entrepreneurs and professional advisors dealing with international business structuring across multiple jurisdictions. The IBSA supports its members in obtaining information and advice worldwide to create and maintain sustainable business structures compliant with international transparency, corporate governance and social responsibility.



The IBSA is a not-for-profit association which organises multiple events and local meetings for its members worldwide, connecting entrepreneurs and diverse professionals involved in all aspects of business structuring. It provides members with a community and platform to build and cement strong professional reputations and relationships both across borders and within jurisdictions as well as providing an integrated knowledge base enabling members to connect with fellow professionals with specific areas of expertise worldwide.



  • To create a pioneering organisation dedicated to advancing the practice of international business structuring across multiple professional practice areas
  • To create a ‘club-like’ community where professionals at all levels can learn from each other and have access to worldwide knowledge and contacts, opening up professional and commercial opportunities for all
  • To promote the practice of international business structuring as transparent, effective and professional without the aggressive tax connotations currently perceived by the public
  • To nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, and encourage our younger professional colleagues to take responsibility for its future, their future.



The field of international business structuring is so varied and fast-evolving that a network of single-discipline professionals cannot provide the breadth and depth of knowledge to help entrepreneurial businesses develop internationally. 

Roy Saunders, Founder and Chairman, created the International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) in 2014 to help colleagues develop their careers by generating connections with professional advisors across the globe who could help with their international client issues. In order to create the association, established professional colleagues were encouraged to become members and share their knowledge and experience through discussion groups, workshops, conferences and articles – to act as ‘mentors’ to those whose careers may emulate theirs in future years.

The IBSA unites professions, creating a diverse global community dedicated to sharing knowledge and supporting commercial opportunities across all disciplines for individuals of all levels.

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