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The Knowledge Bank contains articles, news and reference material on a wide range of topics related to international business structuring and regulatory compliance. Searches combining specific tax, legal or commercial queries across multiple jurisdictions will yield reference material, articles and members whose experience most closely correspond to the information being sought.

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To submit an article for publication, please contact Lucie.Saunders@theibsa.org

In addition to publication in the Knowledge Bank, articles are highlighted in the IBSA newsletter and promoted on our social media channels.

NOTE: The articles and references contained in the IBSA Knowledge Bank represents the views of the particular author and not necessarily those of their company or the IBSA. Nothing in this section is intended to be relied on as legal advice. Articles are relevant at the time posted in line with governmental legislations and have not been updated.

Competent counsel in the jurisdiction(s) whose laws are involved should be consulted.  The Knowledge Bank is made available by the IBSA for educational purposes only and to provide general information. The information contained herein should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional in your jurisdiction.