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BREXIT – The End Result!

This article is my assessment of the reality of Brexit and the likely deal that will emanate from ridiculously long and protracted negotiations, the issues of which have mystified the public in the UK and the EU. [...]
Date: 08 Sep 2018
Subjects: Brexit

US Citizenship Renunciations and its Tax Consequences

Despite the highest in the world, $2,350 citizenship renunciation fee and possible tax consequences, every year around 7,000 US citizens decide to renounce their citizenship. This amount is steadily increasing every year since 2010, when Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act[...]
Date: 28 Aug 2018
Jurisdiction: United States of America

Blockchain and the Future of Fair Trade and Supply Chain Management

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems faced by companies with complex supply chains is a lack of transparency. Sometimes, if you have multiple suppliers across multiple borders and continents, it can be very hard or even impossible to keep track of everything. Finding and[...]
Date: 23 Aug 2018
Subjects: Blockchain

Investing in Health and Wellness

At some point around 2015, meeting your friends in your workout clothes shifted from a sign that you had let yourself go to a new form of virtue signalling. A symbol that you were the sort of person that goes to the gym, gets enough sleep, and eats healthily.[...]
Date: 23 Aug 2018
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Tax and Spousal Maintenance Obligations for International Families: the UK experience of the imminent USA changes

On 31 December 2018 the USA has a significant change in its tax treatment of spousal maintenance, alimony payments. It is being resisted by many US family lawyers. Yet the UK made a similar change in 1989 and has been mostly very welcomed. However, it can still cause problems[...]
Date: 23 Aug 2018

The Power of Blockchain and How it Could Help Your Business

You may have heard the term blockchain recently, or more likely Bitcoin, and dismissed it as a fad or buzzword. However, dismiss it at your peril because blockchain as a technological advancement will have far reaching implications for many organisations across the world,[...]
Date: 21 Aug 2018
Subjects: Blockchain

IRS Loses Important Test on FBAR Penalty

Since 2004, the IRS has had the statutory authority in cases where a U.S. person willfully fails to disclose balances held in foreign bank or financial accounts (under the “FBAR” rules) to assess a penalty of up to 50% of the balance in the undisclosed account. Or so we[...]
Date: 17 Aug 2018
Jurisdiction: United States of America


Over the past decade, an inexorable shift has been occurring from traditional offshore jurisdictions to mid-shore ones. “Substance” has become an increasingly sought-after commodity and understanding its key components is paramount. The following provides an insight into the[...]
Date: 31 Jul 2018
Jurisdiction: United Arab Emirates

The Amended EuVECA and EuSEF Regulations 

In Europe there are a couple of financial instruments little known to the general public, the European Venture Capital funds (EuVECA) and European Social Entrepreneurship Funds (EuSEF), with the aim of promoting investment in innovative start-ups and social enterprises[...]
Date: 09 Jul 2018
Jurisdiction: European Union

Structuring a Business in Today's Transparent World - A Discussion Group Meeting Summary

The theme of the meeting was to understand how business structures have been attacked by the OECD and other governmental bodies on the grounds that relevant entities have little or no substance behind them. Offshore companies, such as BVI companies, have typically been pulled[...]
Date: 09 Jul 2018