IBSA Course

The Polycon Case Study

Structuring A Business From A Start-Up To An International Group - An Entrepreneur's Journey

The IBSA has created its own business structuring course aimed at helping entrepreneurs develop their company from a start-up to an international group.  The course examines issues such as international tax, corporate and IP protection relevant to the expansion of the fictitious Polycon Lens Company as it morphs into the multinational Eyemax Corporation throughout its generational journey of 25 years.

The Polycon case study was the basis of Roy’s leading international tax reference book for 30 years, International Tax Systems and Planning Techniques, as well as the MA course in international tax law at the University of London for the past 5 years. The course starts with an explanation of an entrepreneur’s invention developed by the manufacturing entity, the company's overseas expansion with warehousing facilities, representative offices and then sales subsidiaries, corporate acquisitions made to expand the global reach of the company followed by an IPO as the company’s financial requirements dictate for its future growth.  The appropriate holding company regimes, along with financing and licensing techniques will be examined along with investment vehicles for real estate and other fringe activities, with the final stage being the creation of a private equity fund under the newly branded Eyemax umbrella. 

IBSA members can click on the links below to watch each session of the 12 stages and view the slides and summary of Roy's Polycon Journey.  If you are not a member, you can either register for IBSA membership here or contact Lucie to pay the one-off payment of £500 to watch this workshop online.