• Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The field of international business structuring is so varied that a network of single-discipline professionals cannot provide the breadth and depth of skills required to help entrepreneurial business develop internationally. The IBSA removes the silos between professions and enables professionals to connect more easily and provide a true body where all involved in this fast evolving field can join together.

The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) was first created in March 2014 to help professional colleagues develop their careers by generating connections with fellow professionals across the globe who could help with international client issues. In order to create the Association, established professional colleagues were encouraged to become members and share their knowledge and experience with colleagues through discussion groups, workshops, conferences and articles – to act as ‘mentors’ to those whose careers may emulate theirs in future years.

Now is the time to encourage our younger professional colleagues to join the IBSA and take responsibility for its future, their future.