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    Welcome to the IBSA

    A diverse global association for entrepreneurs and professional advisors, dedicated to sharing expertise, collaboration and networking opportunities.

About the IBSA

The IBSA is the only multi-disciplinary association for entrepreneurs and professional advisors dealing with international business structuring across multiple jurisdictions. It is a not-for-profit association which runs multiple international events and local meetings for its members throughout the year. These include a mixture of formal and social events, designed to encourage knowledge sharing and develop business relationships.

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  • Membership of a pioneering association with access to a global network of contacts
  • Free attendance to discussion group meetings around the world
  • Access to the IBSA Knowledge Bank and Video Archive for articles, news and past discussions
  • Significantly reduced costs of attending IBSA conferences and workshops
  • Free access to the online IBSA Business Structuring Course
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Members range from entrepreneurs to lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, intellectual property experts, corporate finance advisors, private client specialists and many others, adhering to the principles of transparency and integrity. With specialists in over 35 jurisdictions, the IBSA is growing its membership around the world. Members have access to a range of events and resources including conferences, webinars, the IBSA Knowledge Bank, local meetings and networking opportunities worldwide.

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Whisky Tasting
30 Nov 18:00 Whisky Tasting
Farrer & Co, London, United Kingdom
Intellectual Property and Growth Finance Workshop
31 Oct Intellectual Property and Growth Finance Workshop
Howard Kennedy, 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG, United Kingdom
Personal Residence Planning Workshop
21 Nov Personal Residence Planning Workshop
Evelyn Partners, London, United Kingdom
Tax Aspects of Offshore Trusts Workshop
25 Jan Tax Aspects of Offshore Trusts Workshop
Walkers, London, United Kingdom



Market Commentary September 2023

This year in financial markets has been all about potential “landings” for various economies. Will they be “soft” or “hard”, meaning either a shallow or deeper recession? Or might there be no landing at all, with growth remaining in positive territory? Eight months into the[...]

Date: 21 Sep 2023

Changes to Capital Gains Tax for divorcing couples

Married couples and those in civil partnerships have access to a number of tax advantages. This includes passing assets between themselves during their lifetimes without tax charge, inheriting assets from their spouse free of tax and the potential to reduce income tax through[...]

Date: 21 Sep 2023
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Expanding Into The US: Transfer Pricing Considerations

Expanding into the US can be a complex process, and it is important to ensure that transactions between a UK entity and its US affiliate are priced in accordance with transfer pricing (TP) principles.

Date: 21 Sep 2023

Pre-arrival Tax Planning when Moving to the UK

This article provides an overview of the UK tax system as it relates to resident and non-domiciled individuals looking to relocate to the UK. Dmitry Zapol, international tax advisor at IFS Consultants, explains the basis of determining UK tax residence, the remittance basis[...]

Date: 11 Jul 2023
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
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