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    The IBSA supports companies and advisors in obtaining information and advice worldwide to create and maintain sustainable business structures compliant with international transparency, corporate governance and social responsibility.

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The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) is the worldwide community for practitioners dealing with international business structuring and regulatory compliance. The association enables international business advisors to access and exchange knowledge, develop professional relationships and discover new business opportunities.

Members of the IBSA are drawn from a wide range of practice, providing advice and services to businesses with footprints in multiple jurisdictions. Members have access to a range of events and resources including Conferences, Webinars, the Knowledge bank and activity programmes led by local Branches in their country.

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Members of the IBSA are drawn from a wide range of vocations and practice areas, providing advice and services to companies seeking to structure their businesses in line with global best practice. With specialists in over 35 jurisdictions, the IBSA is growing its membership around the world. IBSA Members are entitled to a range of benefits, including listings in the Member Directory, Branch activities, attendance at the IBSA annual conference and networking events.

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Annual Members' Dinner 2018
31 Oct 19:00 Annual Members' Dinner 2018
Langan's Brasserie, Stratton Street, Mayfair, London W1J 8LB,
The IBSA is committed to promoting best practice and knowledge sharing through a comprehensive programme of social and educational activities. As the organisation grows, so too will the opportunities for members in their local jurisdiction. As a Solicitors Regulation Authority accredited CPD provider, you can be sure that IBSA events are of the highest quality to support your continuing professional development.


Substance and the MLI

Substance and the MLI

By Roy Saunders, Founder & Chairman of IFS Consultants

Lehman Brothers collapsed on 15 September 2008, and since that time there has been an unprecedented interest in protecting government budgets, with tax avoidance being as high on ...

BREXIT – The End Result!

BREXIT – The End Result!

By Roy Saunders, Founder & Chairman of IFS Consultants

This article is my assessment of the reality of Brexit and the likely deal that will emanate from ridiculously long and protracted negotiations, the issues of which have mystified ...

US Citizenship Renunciations and its Tax Consequences

US Citizenship Renunciations and ...

By Igor Persidskiy

Despite the highest in the world, $2,350 citizenship renunciation fee and possible tax consequences, every year around 7,000 US citizens decide to renounce their citizenship. This ...

Blockchain and the Future of Fair Trade and Supply Chain Management

Blockchain and the Future of Fair ...

By Graham Wakerley

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems faced by companies with complex supply chains is a lack of transparency. Sometimes, if you have multiple suppliers across multiple borders ...

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