Igor Persidskiy

Of Counsel at IFS Consultants


7-10 Chandos Street
United Kingdom

About Igor

Igor Persidskiy is a legal professional with broad international tax and litigation experience and a background in working across multiple jurisdictions.

Prior to joining IFS, Igor was responsible for legal and corporate affairs of a major industrial group. He also looked after assets and certain wealth management matters for UBOs in multiple jurisdictions. Amongst other matters, Igor has handled shareholders` relations, internal and external mediation, dispute resolution, court actions, and protection of shareholders’ interests in different jurisdictions. Igor’s litigation experience includes managing tax disputes with various state authorities. Igor was responsible for setting up corporate operations in the new markets. He has hands-on experience in dealing with HNWIs and managing various stakeholders. 


Igor is an affiliate member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) and a member of the International Business Structuring Association (IBSA). Igor is a native Russian speaker.


Company Management Family Business Structure Planning Family Office International Business Structures International Taxation Litigation Private Client Special Purpose Vehicles Trusts & Trusteeship

Igor's Articles

Virtual banking and blockchain development

On 27 May 1997 Nationwide Building Society launched the first internet-banking service in the UK. After more than twenty years, nowadays, we only need a smartphone and internet access in order to easily transfer even a large amount of money from one country to another, pay for[...]
Date: 15 Jan 2019

US Citizenship Renunciations and its Tax Consequences

Despite the highest in the world, $2,350 citizenship renunciation fee and possible tax consequences, every year around 7,000 US citizens decide to renounce their citizenship. This amount is steadily increasing every year since 2010, when Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act[...]
Date: 28 Aug 2018
Jurisdiction: United States of America
Subjects: TaxUS Regulations