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Membership is open to those individuals and companies of good professional standing which demonstrate a commitment to enhancing and developing business structuring through best practice compliant with international transparency, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Additionally, members should demonstrate the following:

  • Expertise (Professional Expertise)

    Member can demonstrate expertise in their particular discipline(s).

    Disciplines include, but are not limited to, Law, Taxation, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Family Office etc.
  • Expertise (Practice Area)

    Member should be able to demonstrate expertise in their particular practice area(s).

    Practice areas include, but are not limited to, Intellectual Property, Indirect Taxes, Project Finance, Investment Funding, Transfer Pricing, Business Restructuring etc.
  • Reputation

    Members must be of good standing and of sound professional repute. They must be committed to carrying out their practice or professional duties compliant with best practice in transparency, corporate governance and social responsibility.
  • Jurisdiction

    Individual has proven knowledge and expertise in their nominated jurisdiction(s).


IBSA Members that fail to demonstrate these values through the course of their business, or engage in conduct likely to bring the Association or profession into disrepute will be expelled from the Association.

To apply for membership, please complete and submit the application form below.

Download Member Application Form

Please email applications and enquiries to


Individual Membership:                               £500#

Corporate Membership (Intermediate):   £1,500

Corporate Membership (Full):                    £3,950

Intermediate Corporate Membership entitles your company details, website and logo to be on the IBSA's corporate website page together with the professional profiles of 2 members.  Full Corporate Membership enables you to list all of your global offices with the professional profiles of 5 or more members, plus the right to hold discussion group meetings at their premises as well as having their colleagues speak at these meetings and at IBSA conferences.

Memberships run for a period of 12 months from the date of application.

Please contact one of the team on 44 (0) 20 7030 3310 for further information regarding Corporate Membership opportunities.

Please note prices indicated are not inclusive of VAT.