Double Tax Treaty Denial & The BEPS Multilateral Instrument - Conference - IBSA

Double Tax Treaty Denial & The BEPS Multilateral Instrument

Buren, Johan de Wittlaan 15 2517 JR, The Hague, The Netherlands 03 Oct 18:00

The European branch of the IBSA will be holding a Benelux meeting at the offices of Buren, Johan de Wittlaan 15, 2517 JR, The Hague on Tuesday 3rd October at 18:00.  Join Roy Saunders of IFS Consultants, Cees-Frans Greeven of Buren and Scott Davis of WithumScott+Brown for a discussion group meeting examining the required standards of double taxation agreements to meet the aspirations of the OECD within their BEPS project, and to consider the effects of the Multilateral Instrument on these treaties.

The meeting will discuss the concerns of entrepreneurs, professional advisers and individual taxpayers on whether one can rely on the provisions of double tax treaties to ensure certainty of their tax liabilities. OECD recommendations are to disallow double non-taxation and to penetrate arrangements designed for such purpose. It is not only the stated limitation of benefits provisions that may negate the provisions within double tax treaties, but also whether the treaty itself is relevant in light of the stated intention within its title to avoid fiscal evasion.

Networking drinks and canapés, kindly provided by Buren hosting the event, will follow the discussion and offers the opportunity to meet fellow members. This event is free to IBSA members and invited guests.