Annual Conference 2017 - Practical Issues for Entrepreneurial Family Owned Companies - Conference - IBSA

Annual Conference 2017 - Practical Issues for Entrepreneurial Family Owned Companies

The Landmark Hotel, London, United Kingdom 16 Nov 09:00

Please feel free to download the full presentation slides here.


The IBSA has been very proud of the quality of speakers and topics at its annual event, the November conference.  This year it will be held again at the Landmark hotel, London.  The theme of the conference is Practical Issues for Entrepreneurial Family Owned Companies, where we will review a typical case study based loosely on the renowned Polycon Lens Company’s transformation into the Eyemax Group.  The speakers will use the case study to explore matters such as what happens to the company in the event of divorce of the entrepreneur, protecting the company from competition, developing international holding and intellectual property companies, corporate finance and relevant international tax issues, and how the family can inherit the company in the most tax efficient manner.  Our speakers are all IBSA members and are experts in the fields of family and employment lawintellectual property and international tax law.  Please feel free to download a copy of the full conference programme.

The conference fee is £750 plus VAT reduced to £450 plus VAT for IBSA members.  For those IBSA members only, we are also holding our third Annual Members’ dinner the night before on 15th November at the world famous Langan's Brasserie in their Hall of Fame – the cost of this as in previous years is £100 per member.  And this year, we are planning a golf day on the following day, 17th November – details to follow but please register your interest with Lucie at the IBSA team.

This promises to be an exceptional conference with ancillary events for IBSA members and we look forward to seeing you there.

The programme:

  • 08:45 Registration

  • 09.15 Chairman's Introduction, Roy Saunders (Founder & Chairman, IBSA)

           Introduction of case study for the day 


  • 09.30 How do I protect my company's intellectual property?

    What can be protected and how - registration of patents and trademarks – passing off, copyright, design rights, image rights and confidential information – risk management – avoiding infringing rights of others – cost-benefit analysis

  Jonathan Riley (Memery Crystal) & Chris McLeod (Elkington & Fife)


  • 10.10 How can I incentivise my employees?

    Stock option agreements – drag/tag along clauses – good/bad leavers – phantom share schemes – disguised remuneration rules

  Bernhard Gilbey (Squire Patton Boggs) & Michael Lewis (Frank Hirth)


  • 11.00 Refreshment Break

  • 11.30 How can I maximise my after-tax earnings?

    IP regimes (patent box) - holding companies - substance requirements - commercial use of double tax treaties

  Wim Ritz (Vistra, Luxembourg), Matthew Ledvina (Anaford) & Geraldine Schembri (EMCS Ltd)

  • 12.10 What happens if my corporate structure is challenged?

    Substance of corporate entities - double tax treaty access and denial - cross border treaty disputes - what to do when challenged by Revenue authorities - competent authorities and mutual agreement procedures

  Roy Saunders (IFS Consultants) & Anthony Rose (Simmons Gainsford)

  • 12.50 Lunch Break

  • 14.00 What are the principal financial issues?

    Funding for growth such as bank financing, private equity funding or IPO; foreign exchange issues such as use of forward contracts for hedging, and use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as alternative currency transactions; what to do with surplus cash in today’s market to ensure liquidity and availability of ‘Lombard’ loans

  Richard Hollowood (Close Brothers) & Simon Hughes (IFX Ltd) & John Young (Edwin Coe)


  • 14.40 Where should I be resident if I want to sell up?

    Immigration lawyer with tax consultant with citizenship advisor – social/personal issues – risks of being offshore resident 

  Matteo Rapinesi (Law Partners), Laszlo Kiss (Discus Holdings), Maria Ines Assis (PLMJ) and Christodoulos Damianou (Eurofast)


  • 15.20 Refreshment Break

  • 15.50 What happens to my company if I divorce? 

    Pre/post nuptial agreements- shareholder agreements with partners/spouses - use of trusts

  Lucy Greenwood (International Family Law Group) & Alan Kaufman (Howard Kennedy)


  • 16.20 How can my children inherit the company in the most tax efficient way?

    IHT planning – Wills and Letters of Wishes – use of Trusts

  Nigel Sloam (Nigel Sloam & Co) & Liz Palmer (Howard Kennedy)


  • 18.00 Event Close

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This conference has been approved with full conformity for 6 hours' accreditation under the CPD guidelines.